Our Mission

Technori is the world’s startup showcase.

Founded in 2010, Technori’s mission is to create momentum for startups by building a community around tech and innovation that enables early stage companies to get in front of thousands of members of the tech community to connect with, and share their story with future customers, employees and investors!

To date, 300+ companies have presented at over 75 events and gone on to raise more than $260,000,000 in venture capital. In fact, Technori startups now employ over 2,500 people and have gone onto some of the top accelerators in the world, including; Y Combinator, Tech Stars and AngelPad – and several more have already exited!

But, a lot has changed since Technori’s first showcase!

Chicago has grown into one of the top tech communities in the world with more $1M+ exits than anywhere on the planet, and the country’s largest tech incubator in 1871. But, here’s the deal…

Despite all of this, Chicago is still viewed by many as a ‘fly-by’ city; and it’s our (new) mission to change this by making Chicago not only the most inclusive tech community in the world, but also the most accessible!